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Cygnal Technologies is a duly registered Internet Service Provider. 

Providing High-speed and reliable internet to corporate accounts and consumers. 

Business Grade

With our reliable and fast transit Internet access, we make sure that we will provide you the speed that you need. 

24/7 Support

With our dedicated Network Engineers and Technical Support Team. You may reach us around the clock for any concerns and issues that may arise. 
Providing top-notch support to you and to your business.


We provide internet mobility. Internet access even in the remotest area.


Increase productivity and efficiency of your business. Preventing delays in transactions, e-mails and banking thru our high-speed internet!

Hear what they say about us!

"Having business with Cygnal Technologies is a total ease, they were open to provide you everything you need, even things that they think will help you and your business! Downside is with scalability but then I think they can still improve on it! Good thing they are the experts on their venture!"

Eumir Santiago
SDS IT Solutions

"With our cloud applications and Software as a Service offerings; Cygnal Technnologies helps us to achieve high speed internet connectivity!"

Kris Santillan
Tarellia Solutions

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5th Floor ECRDC Building,
Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong 1550
Philippines| +632 997-9125